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Baška Voda

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About Baška Voda

The best of the Mediterranean

Baška voda is a small town in the Makarska Riviera, 48 kilometers away from Split. Once upon a time it was a habitat of merchants, fisherman and sailors. But today, it is a modern and desirable touristic destination.

Archaeological finds testify that the advantages of life in the area of today’s Baška Voda were recognized from the early Bronze Age. At this place, there was an ancient settlement called “Aronia”. As a proof, there are numerous ceramic vessels, amphorae, grave inscriptions of the autochthonous Illyrian population and the newly arrived Roman. In the VII. century, the Slavs invaded Aronia and it ceased to exist.

The beginning of tourism, which is today the main economic activity, was the construction of the first Baška Voda hotel “Slavia” in 1930. Today, Baška Voda is considered one of the most beautiful places in Croatia. The unbeatable cocktail of the crystal blue sea, deep green pine trees and the magnificent white Biokovo mountain.

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Baška Voda
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